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12 Sep 2016
Five recommendations of Enterprise Social media app for Google Drive
- 5 Collavate Use Cases for Enterprise Social media -

Enterprise Social Networking apps be a consequence of company needs for any social platform to gain access to resources, collaboration to fix business problems, and project management software. A business Social Networking application is essential for businesses and organizations to get effective team communication and promote the sharing of innovative ideas. Over 5 millions businesses have adapted to Google Apps for attempt to enable employees to be effective together and strengthen their companies together with the provided tools to raise work productivity. With Google Apps going worldspread for business, Collavate responds by giving a company Social Networking app for Google Drive users. Team communication features joined with a blessing workflow system boost sharing files, workflow activity, and team discussions. All user files continue in the user�s Google Drive Cloud to ensure personal files security.

enterprise social networking for google docs

 Company Announcement Use Case

Collavate is an Enterprise Social media app for Google Drive that permits businesses and organizations to get effective communication and collaboration. Collavate�s Home screen is set with features designed to facilitate active discussions, sharing innovative ideas, and teamwork for business goals. Your, administrators can certainly post company announcements for domain users to view whenever they logon.

Demonstrative use case example:
John needs to make an argument to his team they have officially hired James and would really like the c's to satisfy James on Monday in the conference room. John posts his announcement and his awesome team is able to see the post and in many cases leave comments.

Announcements could be created using posts. Users can stay awake currently and comments allow room for questions and a couple way communication.

 Project Management Team Discussion Use Case

Collavate can be an Enterprise Online community application made to allow teams and employees to carry out operations effortlessly. With real-time collaboration features, users perform together to improve productivity and maximize business achievements. Collavate enables having active discussions, operating together, and sharing strategies for project management.

Demonstrative use case example:
The project manager is sharing the calendar with tasks and projected timelines with the team. The team is inspired to takes a look and discuss the logistics and suggest any beneficial modifications or adjustments to the schedule and project approach.

Direct tagging users is achievable to make sure tagged users obtain a notification concerning the post. Affiliates will make suggestions, and additional files could be added with comments.

The Collavate Home platform allows managers, affiliates, and colleagues to share files, tag colleagues, and communicate concepts for strategic project achievements. Active collaboration is made possible with Collavate to boost work productivity and planning.

 Contract Management with Client Use Case

Collavate can be an Enterprise Online community application that is ideal for Google Drive users. The Collavate platform makes contacting clients easy, and work operations can be kept on a centralized workspace. Sharing project proposals, communicating adjustments, and managing task progress is perhaps all possible with Collavate. Collavate enables you to participate in contract managements with clients.

Demonstrative use case example:
Annie is working together with John that's an international client. John has an concept of what he wants in a application structure, and contains contracted Annie to function on his custom app. John, your client, want to start to see the progress from the application mainly because it occurs while he might prefer some modifications with it. To help keep involved and then actively assess the development of the app, Annie keeps John up-to-date with daily progress.

With Collavate Posts, users can tag a message with the command �@email�. The �@� symbol then an email address outside the domain will email the consumer they've been tagged within a post. An individual can open the post using their email and turn into a collaborator within the post. Collavate may be used to manage contracted projects and more!

 Customer Support Platform Use Case

Collavate can be an Enterprise Social Networking application having a vast number of uses for various types of operations. Collavate�s Desltop is packed with team communication features with the ability to be used both internally and externally. The platform makes talking with customers easy, and work operations could be maintained on a centralized workspace. Collavate bring a help desk for customer care employees to have interaction with users contacting for assistance.

Demonstrative use case example:
John is a Customer care Representative and receives emails from product people who are exposed to his Support Team for product assistance. Madison can be a customer that needs help properly installing software onto her computer. When John receives Madison�s email, he makes use of Collavate Post to install a screenshot of Madison�s original email and replies to her with helpful instructions. John tags Madison�s email within the Collavate Post, and Madison recieves a contact which allows her to see John�s post and actively contact comments, and much more screenshot attachments if required.

John replies to Madison�s email with Collavate Post. Simply by tagging madison�s email, she'll get an email which allows her to spread out the Collavate Post where her and John can easily communicate through comments and fasten any other screenshots if needed.

Collavate Posts enable users to communicate with others internally inside the domain and also externally. Tagging users in and out of in the domain is straightforward. Simply employ the �@� symbol minus the quotes as well as an email address, and also the user gets a contact which allows the crooks to view and comment on the post.

 Collavate for Workflow Use Case

Collavate�s Home platform provides team communication features with posts plus operates as a great workflow activity overview. Regardless if you are submitting a document to other people to edit and review, or perhaps you really are a reviewer of your document, all workflows you're involved with is displayed on your Collavate Home feed. Workflows displayed are all processes you are involved in that you should monitor.

Demonstrative use case example:
Annie submitted a document workflow and from the instructions, she requests that her team contributes their own visuals and approves the workflow after they have collaborated and therefore are pleased with what is finalized for the document. Comments and file attachments are encouraged of her teammates.

enterprise social networking for google docs


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